Post 3 - Insta Album using Paradise collection

I have decided to create an 8 x 8 insta album from Heartfelt Creations.  The paper is from the Paper Boutique called Paradise.  What is not to love about this soft but yet tropical line.

My first blog post about this album, is to get you up and started with all of your base pages.
Next week, I will share with you all of the embellishments, and dies etc. that was used to finish the album at the end of my post.

There is a Youtube post that I have linked up for you, so that you get a better idea of what an insta album is and to assist you in the paper placement.  click here to view

Open your insta album, and start by placing your magnets in the red circles.  Feel free to add more magnets to make your album secure.  I always put lots on.  

Below are the cutting instructions for your papers.

Cutting Measurements
Bazzill - Capers

12 pieces 8" x 8"
18 pieces 6" x 8"
02 pieces 5" x 8"
04 pieces 4" x 8"
02 pieces 3" x 8 "
04 pieces 2" x 8"
02 pieces 6" x 6"
02 pieces 1.5" x 8"

Apply double sided adhesive ( express tape or scor tape) close to the edges of each of these pieces.  These will get placed onto your base pages of the album.  The measurements are already printed on them for easy reference.

your printed cardstock is cut .25" smaller than the capers.  
Again, you will use double sided adhesive on the back of each of these sheets, and adhere to the capers base color.  See our youtube video for references.

Supply List
Heartfelt Creations Insta Album 
we are out of stock but expecting a shipment next week.  Please email if you would like one put aside for you, or leave a comment

Class Act Magnets

Capers cardstock -
20 sheets

Paradise Paper pack

Scor-Tape or Xpress Tape

Youtube video right here for references

Post 2 - Aug. 08/19 - The Introduction

This is suppose to give you a little background about me, so consider this an extension from Carol's Corner from our Class Act Newsletter, but here I will share more information.

I have been crafting since I was a child, and if you can guess, art was my favorite subject right along with gym class.  Is it really a surprise that I would end up doing something that I absolutely love? Nope.

Some of you may remember when I first got into making our own line of stamps. We used to have pickup in my garage!  Several years later, the brick and mortar version of Class Act came to be.  If you would like the complete story, say so in the comment area, and I will compile that adventure for you!

A little about myself then:

  • I have three grandchildren.  One that I see a lot, and the other two live further away, so it makes it a little harder to spend time with them.  Benjamin is the little one in the picture with me, he is 18 months now.  Then there is Oddy, who is 3.5 and Captain is 7 months.  All boys!  BUT - we have a little granddaughter coming at end of September.  We can't wait.  She will keep the boys in line as soon as she can talk (she has to be trained early to survive in this family)
  • I have two wonderful children - Raychel and Richard which many of you already know.  You may remember them sleeping or playing under the tables while I was doing shows many years ago.  Now that they are young adults, they help me in other ways in the business.  I also have two step-daughters, Mindy lives in the United States and Shannon is here in Oshawa.
  • Then, there is Fred - You can thank him for the store that you all know and love! It was my dream, and he pushed for it to happen.  I am lucky, as he always says he really doesn't understand the entire concept of the store, but he loves that I am happy doing what I have a passion for. 
  • Athena is our family dog - she is basically a bull in a china shop. She is a large lap dog (or so she thinks....). She is a King Shepherd/Husky mix - we need to brace ourselves when she comes running. We hope that as she matures that she will calm down, but we love her regardless of what she leaves in her wake
  • Then, we have Jen - she is like a daugther to me, and many of you thought she was for the longest time.  I still call her my daughter, though.  She has been a huge support through thick and thin, with the ups and downs with the store.  Floods were the cause for most of this (Oh My. God. The floods. That was an awful couple of years!!).  She gave me the strength to not give up, and keep our happy place growing and making it better every step of the way.  Look what people can do when we work together.  We have a Class Act Store that is turning more into lots of extended family!
  • Liz - she is starting to shine in the store now that she is getting comfortable as to how we operate.  She had not worked in this atmosphere before, so it took her a little to figure it out.  Now that she has - look out!  Liz does most of our social media things, and this is a direction she is taking us.  Liz will be my daughter in law sometime.  We never bug about when.  LOL
  • Now to Alicia, that many of you have never met, and those that have, do love her approach to scrapbooking.  She does a lot of the technical work, and order processing  So to speak - she is the behind the scenes girl.

A big thank you has to go to all of you. 
Without all of you, Jen, Liz and myself would not have the work atmosphere that we all love to come to every day.  We have had so many positive interactions with so many of you, that you are now considered friends.  What kind of work place can give you this kind of warm feeling. 

We call this - Our happy Place, and mean it with all our hearts.

Post 1

I am not a person of many words  lol,  unless it is about crafting. 

This week things will be done a little backwards, as my project will be posted first, and my introduction next week.  Introductions are a fun thing, but I have experienced so much in the craft industry, I need to sort it out so it does not become a novel.

The project created for my blog came from many customers that live far away commenting that they cannot attend my classes.  So I am going to try and bring this project to all of you.

The project I am sharing has a different twist, as it incorporates coffee and nautical.  Does it get any better?
I am using an ICraft photo Box template.



The Photo Box Scrapbook comes with two templates so you can make two albums.  A black one and a kraft one.
I have chosen the kraft one for my project.  
All of the papers have been edged using distress ink vintage photo using a finger dauber.

To make things easier, I have taken pictures of the stages, and put measurements beside. Follow the images, and notes, as some measurements may slightly vary.  This depends how tight you make the box part of the album.  

Here we go!

  Take the piece that will be the cover and back of your album. 

 cut 4 pieces measuring 6.25" x 6 3/8"
These pieces are for your cover, back cover, and inside.  Adhere them using double sided adhesive.

  cover and back    inside

 fold the template to create the box part.  All of the areas have been pre scored, but it never hurts to give them an extra little fold.

    Apply dries clear adhesive to the flap, and smooth out.  I do this so that the glue does not bubble after it is dry.  Fold the two larger first, and the the ones that are cut on an angle second.  Be patient and make sure the sides are holding nicely before going to the next one.  Otherwise, there is a possibility it will shift.

 your box should look like this.

   cut 5 pieces 3/8" x 5" or longer.
These pieces wrap around the outside of the box, going around the corners.

  cut 4 pieces 7/8" x 5 7/8" and adhere to top of the box.  Find a spare pieces that matches the opposite page and cut it 5/8" x 6 3/8 and adhere to the inside spine.

 cut 1 piece 4" x 4", apply glue and adhere to bottom of box. This allows you to slide the piece to fit properly.

To assemble the booklet

  I have cut my pieces down to measure 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"  You may leave your pieces the way they came, just make sure they fit into the box you created.

Glue the spines of these together.  One pieces will have a 1/4" space.  Apply glue to the spine of the other tow pieces, and glue into the  1/4" space.  Check after a minute to make sure you did not glue the pages together.

  Cut 11 pieces measuring 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" from the various papers you have left.  Apply double sided adhesive to each page, leaving the bottom or back page blank.  This page will be glued to your album inside cover.

  to line up your booklet.  Place your booklet into the box on the opposite side, having the side that is blank facing up.  Apply glue to the back of this while inside of the box.  Close the front cover, and flip the book over so that the booklet transfers to the opposite side where it is suppose to be.  Press down on it, and do not move it until the glue is dry.

Decorating the Album

I have used the Studio Light Denim Saturdays Die-Cut topper pack.  These are all precut, so you just punch them out, and edge with vintage photo.

  I have taken the pieces from the booklet.  paper distressed the background square, and the little rectangular pieces.  Added pop dots to both of these to create dimension.  The rope and other embellishments also came from the booklet, and you may add other things you like.

  I have taken more pieces from the booklet, and added to the top of my booklet, and a rope image for the frame of my box.

I should also mention, that these booklets are great for card making.  They give you an inspiration photo on the top left to copy, and then you can do that or create your own idea using the pop outs.  Here is one that I made just to show you

I hope that you have enjoyed my first blog post, and enjoy creating this wonderful project.

The supply list of items that I have used are right here, along with links for your reference.  Just click on the image to take you shopping.

You will need two sheets of the ivy paper, all the rest is just one sheet, and double sided adhesive.







  • Carol Harrison - October 06, 2019

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging words to keep up blogging. Your kind words are appreciated to all of us.

  • Gladys - September 14, 2019

    Love your blog !! Can’t wait to try some of the items posted !

  • Marg Lugtenburg - August 29, 2019

    What can I say, that hasn’t been said before. Love your blogs, , looking forward to the next one. You have a unique staff, each one of your girls are so different in their approach to crafting, and also the warmth you display. You have a gold mine.

  • jUDITH o'nEIL - August 10, 2019

    I need to get back to card making with my crafty friends. Your blog is amazing but then what would I expect from an amazing person.

  • Dianne Samler - August 08, 2019

    Awesome introduction.

  • Sue Allen - August 08, 2019

    Wow Carol..this is just too cool! Enjoyed our little visit the other day. Hang in there…..

  • Heather Mayell - August 03, 2019

    Wow that’s beautiful – will definitely be trying that one. Well done Carol.

  • Linda - August 02, 2019

    Yay…your blog! It was nice seeing this project come together and your instructions with the photos are excellent. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Dianne Samler - August 02, 2019

    Your blog is amazing. Instruction were easy to follow. I love that you guys are doing blogs.

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