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Post 2 - Classy Crafter Approved

Hey Crafty Crafters, welcome back to my blog!

I hope you all enjoyed the August long weekend; I know I sure did… maybe you guessed that by my lack of a blog post last week. Oops. Guess I can’t work all the time. How am I going to get pictures for my scrapbooks doing that? Besides, when a man plans a 5-day long weekend away from all cell phone service and next to the lake it’s kind of hard to say no…. especially when it’s my man 😉.

Although our five-day weekend was absolutely amazing and pulling me away from the lake is never an easy feat, I was pretty excited to get back to work this week (crazy, I know). New product has arrived at Class Act and this time, the shipment contained something that has been in the works for a couple months…. That’s right, the Classy Crafters stayed quiet that long. Can you believe it?! Normally, we love letting the cat out of the bag (it’s half the fun of coming to see us in store) but, this was my secret little project.

As many of you know, I do a lot of shopping for the store and I LOVE finding unique products but, when you’re working in such a niche industry, there are only so many hidden gems. So, what do classy crafters do when we run out of gems? Get creative of course and make our own!

Like many of you, I am a paper addict. I have spent years collecting, comparing and working with the many various types of papers available in this industry. Some may even say I have become somewhat of a paper snob. Well, if you’re a paper snob like me, I have a product that is going to make you very happy. I’m sure many of you have heard of them, perhaps you even have a few of their papers tucked away in your stash. For the first time ever, Class Act is carrying….

I cannot say enough about this paper. The quality is out of this world! This is a heavyweight cardstock, perfect for all your albums and off the page projects. It looks like a work of mixed media art before you even begin. Each design is comprised of colour splatters, whimsical images, scripts and stains. All that's missing is a little pizazz and your photographs!

I know, I know, it’s tempting to stop reading now and go shop the new 49 and Market collections (I would be thinking the same thing) but, the good news doesn’t stop here. Many of you know that, next to finding beautiful papers, my favourite thing is colour coordinating those papers (shout out to Pam and Donna who came down to Class Act this week and allowed me to help them do just that! Donna even brought in a bag full of paper from her personal stash so we could get her colour coordinated and ready for her cropping weekend away). If you enjoy the Classy Crafter’s colour coordination as much as Pam and Donna do, this surprise is for you.

We are (finally) introducing a little thing we like to call the CLASSY CRAFTER PAPER KITS. “What’s a Classy Crafter Paper Kit?” You may ask. Well let me tell you a little about it.

Yours truly had the privilege of hand selecting printed cardstock designs, coordinating solids and specialty cardstocks and packaging all the goodies into one bag to bring you these project ready collection kits (Classy Crafter Approved). Perfect for rainy days, cropping getaways, avoiding the in-laws, or crafting with your friends!

There are 3 variations of Classy Crafter Paper Kits available:

The first purchase option is what we call the BARE NECESSITIES KIT. This kit includes 8 double-sided 12”x12” sheets of 49 and Market cardstock (4 designs, 2 of each design).

The second purchase option is the BASIC KIT. This kit contains 8 double-sided 12”x12” sheets of 49 and Market cardstock (4 designs, 2 of each design) and 6 coordinating 12”x12” cardstock colours (3 colours, 2 of each colour).

The third option, and of course my favourite option, is the DELUXE KIT. This kit contains 8 double-sided 12”x12” sheets of 49 and Market cardstock (4 designs, 2 of each design), 10 coordinating 12”x12” cardstock colours (5 colours, 2 of each colour) and 2 specialty cardstocks…. I will also be using the deluxe kits for a few future blog tutorials and store samples for your inspirational purposes. (Can you guess what next week’s blog is going to be about?)

Seriously, these kits are a crafter’s dreams but don’t take my word for it. Visit us in store to take a look at these new products and see for yourself. Don’t wait too long though! This is a pilot project so supplies are limited (and I may have stolen 2 Deluxe Kits but I’m always willing to auction them off to the highest bidder… just kidding, I already cut the paper).

Thanks for stopping by my blog this week but it’s time to get back to my creation station!

Stay Crafty!


On Next Week’s Blog:

Tune into my blog next week to see what I have created with the Classy Crafter Deluxe Paper Kits AND how I have altered one of the iCraft album kits to suit my style!



Post 1 - The Awkward Introductions

Hey Crafty Crafters!

Welcome to my first ever blog post! Woop, woop!! I have been saying “I’ll start my blog soon”, for about…. 6 months now. Ok, ok, so that isn’t everyone’s idea of “soon” but when your job is to find new product for the craft store, who can blame you for getting distracted? Hehe.

So APPARENTLY, the first post of a blog is supposed to be an introduction to me. Uhhhhh am I the only one out there that is uncomfortable reflecting on what I think my key aspects are so I can put it on display for the world? And here I thought these awkward introductions ended when I stopped dating online, guess I’m not so lucky.

Well for starters, my name is Jen! If you have been to our store before odds are you have met me. I have had the privilege of working with Carol at Class Act Inc for almost a decade… 9 years, 5 months, and 24 days to be exact (fun fact about me, I LOVE being precise. Some call it being a perfectionist… I call it annoying). I was the ripe old age of 19, fresh out of school, and had NO IDEA what paper crafting was when I was offered the opportunity to meet Carol, the owner of Class Act, regarding a potential job making stamps. Back then, Class Act was a manufacturing business run out of a garage, and I was a naive girl who thought I was applying for a job to create postage stamps… boy was I wrong.

After a year and a half of growing the manufacturing side of the business, Carol and I decided it was time to take a gamble and chase one of Carol’s long-time dreams of opening a paper crafting store. And my oh my, what an adventure it has been! From the curse of the floods in our original store location which led to the quickest relocation imaginable in 2017, to an ever-evolving Class Act Team, to the thousands of kilometers traveled in search of the best supplies, and enough beautiful moments with our customers and team to fill our hearts for a lifetime. We have been so truly blessed with the most amazing customers and the best jobs in the world. It only took me two career changes to learn, nothing is worth doing if you aren’t passionate about it.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am an amateur photographer (and when I say amateur, I mean AMATEUR lol). I’m sure I will have a few of my photos featured throughout my blog posts. Keep your eyes peeled! Be the first customer to find one of my original photographs and comment “Your passion is showing” to win a coupon for 20% off one item (some restrictions apply).
  • I’m a lover of music, it generally follows me everywhere
  • I am a colour fanatic…. If you need help coordinating your cardstock colours, I’m the Classy Crafter you’re looking for
  • I have lived in both Alberta and Arizona for 6 months respectively. What can I say, I’m a fan of the west coast life
  • I am slightly dyslexic…. Have fun trying to decode my blog posts!
  • I have obtained diplomas in Legal and Educational Studies. I am a big lover of learning
  • I am the only sister to 3 brothers, in other words, I’m built Ford tough!
  • Mexican food is my favourite (don’t forget the margaritas)
  • I feel most at home when I’m lost deep in a forest surrounded by trees
  • I require approximately 20 feet of table space when crafting (it’s what Carol and I call flat surface syndrome)
  • I am a clumsy and awkward being... you can catch me tripping over my feet and my words in store most weekdays between 10am and 4pm

Well, that brings us to the end of this awkward introduction, thanks for reading! If I missed any crucial “key aspects” feel free to add them in the comments below (lord knows some of you crafters know me almost as well as my own mother does) OR join the party and awkwardly introduce yourself!

Stay Crafty!


On Next Week’s Blog:

Tune into my blog next week where I will be introducing a paper company that is new in store AND a fun new way to purchase your “must have” paper collections at Class Act… oh, and maybe you’ll get lucky 😉


  • Gladys Hamilton - September 14, 2019

    Love your blog posts so far Jen !! Cant wait to check out the Classy Crafters paper kits. Will definately be looking for some help co-ordinating papers from ya in the future !

  • Marg Lugtenburg - August 29, 2019

    Love your blogs, keep them coming.

  • Dianne Samler - August 02, 2019

    Awesome blog. I love that you guys are doing this.

  • Classy Crafter Jen - July 31, 2019

    Oh my goodness ladies, thank you all so much for the support and for reading my first post! It brings me so much joy to know you all enjoy Class Act just as much as I do. We are a truly unique store and you are all such a BIG part of that.

    By the way, Liz has a photo very similar to mine… you should bug her to post hers hehe. We took them in Michigan while we were “working”. I always like taking detours to find niche local spots when I’m on the road. We found this artistically painted wall across the street from The Bitter End, a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you ever happen to be in the area, I highly recommend stopping in for a coffee… or two. They roast their own beans daily and boy do they know what they are doing!

  • Trish - July 29, 2019

    Jen, you never cease to amaze me. Your first blog was awesome! So nice to know a little personal info about you. You are such a wonderful teacher and your personality always shines brightly. I love coming to the store and talking with you and taking classes. Thank you for sharing your story and all the hard work you do😍😍

  • Sheree Timmermans - July 26, 2019

    Your first blog post is awesome Jen!! I have known you for awhile but really didn’t know a lot about you. Thank you so much for sharing that great personal info. I always look forward to seeing you in the store. And now I will look forward to your blogs!!

  • Debbie - July 26, 2019

    Hey Jen. great job for your first blog. Always nice coming in to the store when you are there. Wishing I had a margarita right now to sip on. Looking forward to all the goodies for Fall and Christmas.

  • Anne - July 26, 2019

    Great start!

  • Linda A Warrington - July 26, 2019

    Love love love your picture in the introduction! It was a great read Jen! Glad to see the blogs have started finally lol.

  • Gloria Samuels - July 26, 2019

    Hey Jen, I thoroughly enjoyed your first post on your first blog! I have had the pleasure of attending a Heartfelt Class you taught for Carol and I loved it! I’m looking forward to taking more classes with you. You are very knowledgeable about all the products in the store and the banter between you, Carol and Liz remind me of when I worked at a Folk Art Studio! Class Act has a great atmosphere not just for classes but shopping too. I’m looking forward to your next post! Cheers!

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