Heartfelt How To - morning class Thurs. Sept, 21/17 11:00 to 2:00 --- SOLD OUT

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Heartfelt How To

Date:  Thusday Sept. 21/17
Time:  11:00 to 2:00

So you have collected a whole bunch of Heartfelt Creations beautiful paper packs and really don't know how to cut them all apart to create the great cards we create in classes.

This workshop will litterally hand you two sheets of Heartflet Creations, and you will be using your own cutiing machine to cut out all of the designs.  No, I am not doing the work for you this time  lol

This class has been run several times, and is back by super popular demand.

I limit this class to four people.

What to bring:
Whichever manuel cutting machine you have and the plates you need to cut out your dies.
Scissors, low tack tape - scotch is my favorite, and we have it here :)  Also, you will need your flower molding tools, matt, mini mister, double sided adhesive, and pop dots.  

I will post ink colors next week.

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